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The Complete Vanessa-Mae Weblinks
Our new Linda Lampenius Website
The Violin Player Webring
Julita & Paula Website (Polish Pop Violinists)
The Magic of Marty Friedman
Ambrosia, one of the most beautiful Classical Music (MIDI)
100 Web Design & Useful Tools


  1. This site is designed by The Dream Web
  2. Domaca stran Ilene Hevke - A young violinist from Slovenia
  3. MIDI ONE - A great source for quality MIDI worth listening to
  4. The First Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in Eb minor, Op. 1
  5. Famous Babe by Maurice
  6. Chee Yun (Violinist) website and MPEG file
  7. Keiko Matsui Official Website
  8. Anne Akiko Meyers (violinist)
  9. Miningco Midi by Steve Allen - "The ONE place to go for all things MIDI!"
  10. Violin Goddess 'Anne Sophie Mutter' by John A Clare
  11. Paganini MIDI by Eri Airlangga
  12. Michelle Lee Picture Gallery
  13. The FIRST Unofficial ' Anne-Sophie Mutter' Shrine by Justin Endo
  14. The Princess of the Violin: Linda Brava
  15. Guitarists Complete Weblinks
  16. Athena Chu Picture Gallery
  17. Chingmy Yau Picture Gallery
  18. Yanni Fans and Mailing List
  19. Violinist Magazine



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