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     Greetings! Thank you for taking the time to visit the The Violin Player Ring. Since our fantastic beginning in March of 1998, the Violin Player Ring has provided a free, non-profit service which facilitates easy access and exposure to a large collection of home pages and music sites that strive to bring fantastic violin music and information to the internet world.
     The Violin Player Ring is administered by one of the more prominent Midi Sources on the Net today, The Red Hot Vanessa-Mae Homepage (VMH). Maysan of The Red Hot Vanessa-Mae Homepage (VMH) is in charge of maintaining and admitting sites to the Violin Player Ring. Any questions about submission should be directed to him. Questions pertaining to the The Red Hot Vanessa-Mae Homepage (VMH) or historic issues related to the Violin Player Ring may be directed to the ring-master.

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Joining the The Violin Player Webring

Well, since you've come this far you must be pretty interested in joining The Violin Player Ring.
However, there are a few requirements your site must meet before we can add your site:

1. Your pages must pertain to a 'violin player' (Classical, Pop, Blues, Jazz, New Age, Rock, Country, etc).
2. No personal home pages or pages dealing with non-violin player ideas. You may have links to your other pages, but the page with the Violin Player link must contain violin player information.
3. Your page should be predominantly in English.
4. If you are using a page that contains frames, make sure that you add the HTML Fragment to the <No Frames> section.
6. If all you have is a list of violin players name with no other information, you will not be accepted. The idea is to be creative and informative!

If your pages do not or can not conform to these guidelines, please do not go any further. We strive to maintain one of the best ways of finding quality violin player sites and information on the web! Sites that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted into the Violin Player Ring.

There are a few benefits for your site when you have joined with The Violin Player Webring:
1. The webring will increase hits to your site
2. You will join with the other 'great violinist site' from around the world
3. We never use any expired HTML tag for your Webring's code. We only use a 'Valid HTML 4.0' tag from World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)!
4. We won't bother you to add any 'logo' or 'image' to the webring code which make your site slower than before!


Fill out the form below to register your site. Write down the Site ID number you are assigned. This will put your site in the Violin Player Ring 'Queue', where it will remain until we visit your site. This does not insert you in the ring nor does it guarantee your acceptance. You will be notified of acceptance or denial after your site has been evaluated by our staff.

Register your site for the Violin Player Ring Queue

If you do not already have a URL for your violin player page,
please come back and submit it after you have obtained one

Submit your site to "The Violin Player Webring"

Site Title:
Site URL:
Full Name:
E-mail Address:
Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.

Site Description:
Enter a short description of your site.


After submitted your site, you will need to insert the following HTML 4.0 code into your web page (just COPY this tags and PASTE it to your main page!):
<!--START THE VIOLIN PLAYER WEBRING CODE - Editing Will Result In Removal From The Ring!-->
<DIV align=center>
<font size="+4" face="arial" color=ffff00>T</font>&nbsp;<font size="+3" face="arial" color=a0ff00>H</font>&nbsp;<font size="+2" face="arial" color=40ff00>E</font>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<font size="+1" face="arial" color=00ff1f>V</font>&nbsp;<font face="arial" color=00ff7f>I</font>&nbsp;<font size="-1" face="arial" color=00ff9f>O</font>&nbsp;<font size="-1" face="arial" color=00dfff>L</font>&nbsp;<font size="-1" face="arial" color=005fff>I</font>&nbsp;<font size="-1" face="arial" color=001fff>N</font>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<font size="-1" face="arial" color=3f00ff>P</font>&nbsp;<font face="arial" color=5f00ff>L</font>&nbsp;<font size="+1" face="arial" color=9f00ff>A</font>&nbsp;<font size="+2" face="arial" color=bf00ff>Y</font>&nbsp;<font size="+3" face="arial" color=df00ff>E</font>&nbsp;<font size="+4" face="arial" color=ff00df>R</font><BR>
<font size="+1" face="arial" color=df00df>W</font>&nbsp;<font size="+2" face="arial" color=bf00ff>E</font>&nbsp;<font size="+3" face="arial" color=3f00ff>B</font>&nbsp;<font size="+4" face="arial" color=005fff>R</font>&nbsp;<font size="+3" face="arial" color=00ff9f>I</font>&nbsp;<font size="+2" face="arial" color=40ff00>N</font>&nbsp;<font size="+1" face="arial" color=ffff00>G</font>
<STRONG>Hosted by <A HREF="">The Red Hot Vanessa-Mae Homepage (VMH) </A></STRONG><BR>
<A HREF=";home"> Join this Violin Player Webring now!</A></FONT></STRONG><BR><BR>
[<A HREF=";list">All Sites</A>
|<A HREF=";id=--YOUR ID HERE--;next">Next Site</A>
|<A HREF=";id=--YOUR ID HERE--;prev">Previous Site</A>
|<A HREF=";random">Random Site</A>
|<A HREF=";id=--YOUR ID HERE--;skip">Skip Next</A>
|<A HREF=";id=--YOUR ID HERE--;sprev">Skip Previous</A>]<BR>
[<A HREF=";id=--YOUR ID HERE--;next5">Next 5 Sites</A>
|<A HREF=";id=--YOUR ID HERE--;prev5">Previous 5 Sites</A>
|<A HREF="">Statistics</A>

After you added this HTML code, it would shown like this on your site:

T H E   V I O L I N   P L A Y E R

Hosted by The Red Hot Vanessa-Mae Homepage
Join this Violin Player Webring now!

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The last step is E-mail our staff and ask them to take a look at your site. Be sure to include your Site ID Number and URL in the e-mail message along with what you feel are the strong points of your site. Your page will be reviewed to make sure it fits all of the criteria for addition.
That's it! After your site is accepted and activated you will be able to navigate the entire ring until you make it back to your own page.

Notice: All the designs on this site are ©1998-1999 The Red Hot Vanessa-Mae Homepage (VMH) . Permission to use or display ANY of these designs is strictly granted ONLY to active members of this, "The Violin Player Ring", or to those who have secured permission in writing from us
Any unauthorized display or use is prohibited by law.

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