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  1. Submit URL to over 1000 search engines!!!
  2. 3D Logo Generator
  3. AlexWarp for Java
    Image warping program.
  4. Animate Page
    Animate on Line.
  5. Anyform
    HTML Form Generator.
  6. Amazing Instant Online Animated Banner Maker
  7. AnfyPaint
    Draw online..
  8. A Screen Ruler for You
    Pixel counter.
    Email Signature Generator.
  10. Free Background
    Free background for your website!
    This banner was supplied by SAFE Audit
  11. BrowserSizer
    BrowserSizer is a low-fat, NOT in-your-face tool to help www developers check to see how their web pages look on screen resolutions of 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, and WebTV.
  12. ButtonMaker
    Make buttons out of your graphics - online!

  13. Button Maker
  14. Buttonz!
    Renders buttons with various bevel types and shapes from either an imported image, or using a procedural texture. Various text effects are included. Additionally, Buttonz! supports the batch rendering of multiple buttons from the same template, each having a different caption - no more layered cut & paste work in your image processing software!
  15. Caboodles of Clipart's Free Animated Mailboxes
    Put your own name on their animated mailbox.

  16. Calendar Quick
    Embed calendars on your web pages.

  17. Cool Archive - Button Generator
    Create your own buttons online! Change colors, add text, pass by filters, etc.

  18. Cool Archive - Logo Generator
    Create your own logos and banners online! You can swirl them, raise them, add text, saturated, etc.

    Online Logo Generator. Does Buttons too!

  20. Dark Counter
    English counter, Chinese counter and many more..

  21. Custom Effects
    Font, Background, Applets, Scripts, Desktop Theme, etc.

  22. Digital Darkroom
    An easy-to-use graphics and image editing program. (v1.2, 07/17/98, 851KB, free)

  23. Free Webhosting + 25 MB + cgi

  24. Free Domain Registration
    Free registration for your .com domain

  25. Free domain name
    Free domain :

  26. Low cost domain name

  27. New Domain Name
    New domain:, http://www.yourname.web/, and 400 more!!!

  28. FREE awesome text editor (Edit Pad)

  29. EyeDropper
    How many times have you wanted to know the RGB value of a single pixel on your screen? And you didn't have any other choice then to do the screen capture and a little detective work. Now you can do this easily with EyeDropper.

  30. Facemaker

  31. Facemaker

  32. Folder - Tree Version 2.0
    This javascript program gives sites the appearance of Windows Explorer. Click on a folder to open or close it; click on a document to access its contents. With modifications, you can target your own links and even substitute the text link description with images. You can also open the folder icons in your image editor for customized hacking (icons and all images are included in the free, downloadable .zip file).

    Now this is Cool!

  34. FrameShop

  35. Free Form
    Build your form on-line.

  36. Free Graphics
    For free Graphic & Internet utilities.

  37. Gif Animation - How to make them.

  38. GifBot
    Robot reduces the size of your images. Load the image of your choice and produce several optimized versions of it.

  39. GifClean32
    Handy freeware program that will clean up your gifs and save you some space.

  40. GIF-LUBE
    GIF Lube helps your page load faster by reducing the size of an image. It reduces image size by reducing the number of colors in the image. GIF Lube also allows you to compress and convert your image into GIF or JPG formats.

  41. GIFSplit
    The online GIF splitting tool.

  42. GIFTAB
    Create an GIFTAB.HTM file containing links (reference) to all .GIF and .JPG images in the current directory. HTML table is now used as directory. Better as my easy and old AUTOGIF program. Use your Web BROWSER to view and compare different images for WEB !

  43. Low cost webhosting
    Only $7 permonth!!

  44. How to create 3D Graphics on a Budget

  45. HTML Font Colorizer
    Handy Little tool to make your fonts fade etc.

  46. HVS GIFCruncher
    GIF Shrinker!

  47. Free 25 MB Homepage

  48. Image MapMaker
    Create an imagemap for any in-line image on the web.

  49. Imager 3.0
    Imager is a new image editor for Windows 95/NT.

  50. imagoWEB
    FREE speedy program for viewing, converting and managing your graphics files. The program supports a multitude of file formats, including JPEG, GIF, BMP, DIB, RLE, WMF, and many more.

  51. Instant Online Banner Creator

  52. Intel - Web Applets
    3-D Photo Cube gives you a virtual photo cube for your site, just like those cubes that used to grace your Grandmother's bar. A Photo Album is just what it says, letting your users view your photos. Photo Effects lets 'em see your photos and apply all sorts of wacky effects. 3-D text does, well, 3-D spinning text and Carousel sets up a neat-o image roundabout.

  53. Irfan View
    Is a speedy little graphics viewer to take a quick look through your numerous graphic files. Freeware!

  54. JAnimation
    Create amazing banners and presentations.[if you don't mind a little plug back to their site].

  55. Java Script Archive
    Miscellaneous Scripts

  56. JPEG Wizard
    Optimize, compress, resize those JPEG's

  57. K/oS Zoomer
    Can't see small print? Have to work with one-pixel precision? Magnify the area around your cursor 2 or 4 times with K/oS Zoomer!

  58. Magic Buttons
    If you need to put some pizazz in your sites, Magic Buttons are the way to go.

  59. Mouseover MegaCoder

  60. Net-Fu
    Online logo generator [Instuctions in Italian}

  61. Net Vampire
    Disconnected while downloading files? Use Net Vampire!

  62. NONAGS - Graphic Tools

  63. Originalab
    Make your own business cards online..more to come.

  64. PageFX
    Fantastic new software for creating 3D banners, animations and other dynamic content for your web pages! View some examples in the online gallery, then download the beta and give it a try.

  65. Peam's Web - Tips for Creating Graphics

  66. Personalized Email Button

  67. Picture Dicer
    Freeware tool that chops any image file into several smaller images, suitable for creating mouseover effects and pseudo-imagemaps on Web pages. It also generates the HTML for a table to contain the partial images and display them so they appear as the original image.

  68. Pixelsite
    Make your own buttons online.

  69. Prime Style
    Download program to help you build Cascading Style Sheets.

  70. Prime Style
    Prime Style is an application which generates style sheet code based on the entries made to on-screen data entry forms.

  71. QuickNav
    Give your visitors a quick and easy way to navigate around your site, or to your list of favorite web destinations. Your new QuickNav is easy to set up, highly dependable and a breeze to maintain. As with all of the products, it's fully customizable and totally FREE!

  72. Reptile
    Reptile is a cool application that lets you create funky backgrounds.

  73. See Hear
    View and play many popular types of multimedia files with See Hear! This free 32-bit media browser displays images in the .bmp, .dib, .gif, .jpg, .jpe, .wmf, .emf, .ico, and .cur formats. You can also audition .mov, .avi, .wav, and MIDI files. Use See Here! to organize a simple slide show that will play sounds while displaying pictures at user-specified intervals. Unlike the Windows Find utility, this program's Find Files function will search multiple drives and/or multiple folders for multimedia files and keep all found files in a single, convenient list. In addition, multimedia files can be organized into master lists. This is helpful if you're managing several multimedia projects but are using some of the same files in multiple projects. You can leave the actual files in their original location but create a custom list for each project. The lists -- which are saved to text files -- can later be called up to avoid the tedious process of searching again.

  74. Shockwave Flash
    Great video editor! Video loaded while downloading. See a sample here.

  75. SignMaker
    Make your own freeway sign.

  76. Solar System Simulator
    Change a variety of options and it'll spit out a color graphic for you in few seconds. Far out!

  77. Steve Abbott's Computer Drawn Celtic Knotwork
    Includes a Win95 Knot program for download.

  78. Style - O - Mattic
    Build your own style sheet online!

  79. Table Maker

  80. The 3D Font Ray Tracing Service
    You need patience here, 3-5 min. wait for results.

  81. The Backgrounder
    Enter the location of your image and see it as a background!

  82. The Background Mold
    Get free, grayscale backgrounds for your website along with easy, step-by-step instructions for making them any color. You only need a shareware graphics program and an imagination!

  83. The Banner Generator

  84. The HomeGrown Graphic Workshop
    Graphic Tutorial for Paint Shop Pro.

  85. The Imaging Machine

  86. The Java Machine
    Make your Own Animations - online!

  87. The Logo Collective
    Have a logo made for you.

  88. Netstad
    Free Web Statistics

  89. Superstats
    Another Great Free Web Statistics

  90. The Super Simple Forms Tutorial

  91. Tile
    Go to Free Stuff. Tiles can be used to make interesting graphic patterns which are great for fun looking web page backdrops! This program could also be called "Quilt" or "Wrapping Paper".
    The program creates a single tile pattern which can be recreated by tiling the saved bitmap. Since the pattern has a fractal nature, you may see unique designs spanning more than one tile.

  92. Tilez!
    Textures are created using a procedural approach. You can choose from 20 basic texture types, all of which can be modified to suit your needs. Additionaly, textures can be combined in layers to produce more complex ones. You can even import images to include them in a texture as a layer. And finally, to make this tool totally addictive, you can enter you're own expressions for coloring and displacing pixels, making Tilez! a real mind toy.

  93. Timidity
    A new revolution for the MIDI world

  94. Ultimate Paint
    Is a full-featured 32-bit Win95 graphics program for image creation, viewing and manipulation. It's freeware and it will remain so until it reaches version 2.0. It supports BMP, PCX, IFF and JPEG image formats and Twain compatible scanners. You can print your image setting its size and orientation. It has a very flexible brush handling method which encourages creative drawing. Retouch and enhance photos using a comprehensive set of built-in tools and numerous plug-ins. Features include blurring, sharpening, resizing, rotating, flood filling, text operations and a lot more. Comes with several cool plug-in filters. All pictures are handled 24 bit. The user interface is adjustable to the user's experience level, thus both novice users and experts can use it conveniently.

  95. Signboard Factory

  96. W95 CHI Anti Virus
    W95 CHI Virus Remover

  97. WebFX
    Bill Kendrick offers this cool "web-based graphics effects generator." Pop in the URL of any online image and WebFX returns a modified version. Choose from effects such as emboss, infrared, pointillist, and the always exciting "spinning hyperspace."

  98. Webmosaic
    Build your animated banner, buttons & postcards online.

  99. Westling's Free Banners Creation
    Fill out a form for a free banner.

  100. ZYGraphics
    Make your own Text Headings, 3D Headings and Rotating Headings - Online!


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