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The Complete List of
Vanessa-Mae Weblinks

1. 'The Violin Player' Vanessa-Mae Website
by Pawel Wiecek
Loads of rare Vanessa-Mae MP3 files and more...! A must for Toccata & Fugue Fans!
2. The Magic of Vanessa-Mae
by Frank Langbein
including the Vanessa-Mae Mailing List, Fanpages, & Messages from VM
3. The Classical Vanessa-Mae Website
by Keith
About the classical music and controversies of Vanessa-Mae. Including a large
FAQ which tries to give a balanced view of those questions which are controversial.
Check out this one! Great Site!!!
4. The Ultimate Vanessa-Mae Web Site
by Tommy Newman
5. The Unofficial Vanessa-Mae Home Page
by Norman Choo Jun Ann
A home page dedicated for Vanessa-Mae. Content consists of her
discography, articles, pictures, miscellaneous info, etc.
6. Vanessa-Mae - Contradanza
by Tom Crawley
7. World's Best Violin Player
by Leo Somers
including The Vanessa-Mae Experience Page
8. Vanessa-Mae WWW site
by Alex Macfie
Many pictures, and a few newspaper and magazine articles.
9. Vanessa-Mae Home Page
by Bart Jan Buijs
On this page page you can find everything about Vanessa-Mae. I've got Realaudio 5.0 files and a lots of other things available for download.
10. Vanessa-Mae Storm
by Egil Halvorsen
All about Storm album here!
11. The RED HOT Vanessa-Mae Homepage
by Ruslin
12. The China Girl Web Site
by Christopher Woff
13. Vanessa-Mae Home Page
by kathRyn
14. The Vanessa-Mae ListPics
by P.J. Thum
Pictures of members of the Vanessa-Mae Mailing List!
15. The Miss Vanessa-Mae Homepage
by Stefan Franke
16. Aurora
by Philip Corner
A site containing unique grabs and transcripts from television, and reviews
of individual Vanessa-Mae tracks.
17. Vanessa Mae Link Page
by Philip Brooks
18. Spaz's Ultimate Vanessa Adoration Page
19. The Crossroads VANESSA-MAE page
This site focuses mainly on Vanessa-Mae and her VIOLIN PLAYER album.
It includes a short bio, a few pics, critique, and sound clips. (MSIE & Netscape only)
20. Vanessa-Mae's Unofficial Homepage
by Jerry Tng.
21. Vanessa-Mae Home Page
by Daniel Freeman
22. A Brief introduction to Vanessa-Mae
by Jackie Kwong
23. Vanessa-Mae Home Page
by Henri Aanstoot
24. A Tribute to Vanessa Mae
My Vanessa Mae page includes background on her, my experiences,
her songs and a few links to other Vanessa Mae sites.
25. Vanessa-Mae Home Page
by Kai Kasurinen
26. Vanessa-Mae Home Page
by Ilja Ruben Witsel Van Vacha
27. Jen G's HTML Page
Contains short audio clips from Vanessa's tracks
28. The Island From Wiccelli
29. Vanessa-Mae or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Violin
30. The Unofficial Vanessa-Mae Homepage
31. The Vanessa-Mae Red Hot Internet Jumpgate
by Bjørn A.C. McMavis
32. CyberWarlock's Vanessa Mae Page
This is just one page of my site, dedicated to Vanessa-Mae. The rest contains
all sorts of info on Japan, Anime and Magick!
33. Vanessa-Mae Home Page
by Wesley Johnson
34. Vanessa-Mae Home Page
by Allona Mayost
35. Gunsmith Cat's Vanessa-Mae Home Page
by Gunsmith Cat
36. Genie et beaute - Vanessa-Mae Home Page
A French page about a beautiful violin player. La plus grande violoniste...
37. Connaitre Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn Nicholson
This is one page on Vanessa, in french for all the french britain people (Breizh) and in english too, to give a minimum of information, like who is it, and what her look,...
38. A Tribute to Vanessa Mae
My Vanessa Mae page includes background on her, my experiences, her songs and a few links to other Vanessa Mae sites.
39. R h a p s o d y - Vanessa-Mae Page
Short, interesting site on my idol.
40. Vanessa-Mae, The greatest female violin player... ever!!
As a great fan of Vanessa-Mae I just had to make some pages dedicated to her... I hope that you'll like it...
41. The Dutch Vanessa-Mae page
De eerste Nederlandse Vanessa-Mae pagina
42. The Official (hopefully) Vanessa-Mae Website
43. Vannesa Mae Concert In Pula - Arena - Croatia
Vannesa Mae Concert In Pula - Arena - Croatia photos concert info
44. Hansa's VANESSA-MAE homepage
As a great fan of Vanessa-Mae, and of course her music, I just had to make a homepage deicated to her. I hope that you'll like it...
1. Vanessa-Mae Ring by Bomis
2. Vanessa-Mae Web Ring by Tommy Newman
Other related sites
Classical Music Specials Vanessa Mae - Live In Berlin
Vanessa-Mae on Asian American Page
Vanessa-Mae at Kuschel Klassik
Vanessa-Mae - Storm Promotion Tour
Storm Album
Vanessa-Mae - Music Lounge
Vanessa-Mae - IHT Mike Zwerin 11/14/97
Vanessa-Mae: Storm
Vanessa-Mae Electrical Violin Music
Classical Corner - Vanessa-Mae
Album: Vanessa-Mae
Vanessa-Mae, The Violin Player
Vanessa-Mae, 2.5.1998
Vanessa-Mae Overzicht
Pop Violinist, Vanessa-Mae
Vanessa-Mae, I'm a Doun for Lack O'Johnnie Video Page
Vanessa-Mae, Storm
Vanessa-Mae, Dailybruin
Vanessa-Mae, Met een viool de wereld rond
Vanessa-Mae, Electric Playground
More Vanessa-Mae Pictures at Norway page
Shorts and Sweet from UK's Electronic Telegraph
Vanessa-Mae on a Norwegian TV-show
Vanessa-Mae on Asian Pop Star Page
Thai Models & Celebrities
Vanessa-Mae - The Violin Player Real Audio
Heineken Music Horizons Site
Features Info on the concert in Hong Kong. Vanessa-Mae played here on her
birthday. You can see a picture of Vanessa-Mae in action at the concert,
and also find out about her and the other artists
Hong Kong News Archive
19 second Real Audio Clip of Vanessa-Mae on HK handover
Germany net
Vanessa-Mae might be up your alley
by Jason Civjan ( Entertainment staff )
Positive review of China Girl. From Georgia Tech in the USA
Vanessa-Mae "Live in Kuala Lumpur"
An advertisement / announcement of Vanessa’a appearance in Kuala Appearance last Nov
Vanessa-Mae, La Nueva Paganini
by Roberto Ponce ( from Mexico and in Spanish )
Music Industry magazine article. About Storm release
Vanessa Mae live in Bangkok

Mitsubishi lancer concert Vanessa Mae live in Bangkok
Hereda Vanessa-Mae fórmula artística de Olga Breeskin
From Mexico
The G7 Summit 1996
Features Vanessa-Mae as one of the guest artistes
Redes Homepage (Short interview, all in Spanish)
Review page on Vanessa-Mae
by the Bowed Electricity site
VANESSA-MAE at Seventeen
A Conversation with the 'Red Hot' Violinist. From Muse Magazine
EMI Canada special broadcase
Zeta Musical Instruments
by the manufacturer of Vanessa-Mae's electric violin
Vanessa-Mae on Fashion TV
ABCFLASH MUSIC REVIEW - Vanessa-Mae: Virtuoso?
By Theo Feng
A fairly negative review of The Violin Player with the article full of factual errors
PEOPLE MAGAZINE's 50 Most Beautiful People
Violinist Vanessa-Mae combines the best of music genres
Short page, in German
Another picture gallery
Vanessa-Mae - Toccata and Fugue
Maintained by Angel Records, Vanessa-Mae's American recording company
EMI electrola online
Nice pictures and info on Vanessa's discography
M Magazine Home Page
Short and brief write-up on Vanessa


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