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"She is, like Mozart and Mendelsson before her time, a true child prodigy"


and her Music
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Since the age of 3, Vanessa-Mae has honed her art as instrumentalist and composer with dedication and courage. She has developed a unique career, on the one hand championing classical musicand it's great traditions and on the other defying convention by pioneering a whole new concept of violin music.
She calls this 'techno-acoustic fusion' violin music. It is contemporary, different and has been described by an admirer as "newer than classical, stronger than pop". Initially it caused outrage among some die-hard traditionalist critics, but has proved enormously popular aroung the world among music lovers of all kinds. It is admired with passion by musicians and imitated by violinists from all the world.
Her composing style is not limited to writing hit singles but also encompasses works on a symphonic scale, which are performed at high profile events of significant historic importance.

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