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"A World Legend, alongside Tchaikovsky, Mahler and Puccini"


The Concert Achievements
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Vanesa-Mae is an explosive live performer with a gruelling touring programme that has taken her around the world several times over in concerts of formidable complexity and length.
Her concerts showcase not only her violinistic strengths, but combine her singing and dancing talents through a wide repertoire in concerts often running to over three hours. In her last world tour alone, she performed in over 250 cities in 35 countries, packing in a new audiences crossing both way into her 'pop' series and her straight 'classical' concerts. Not content with performing in some of the world's most illustrious concert venues, Vanessa-Mae is constantly bringing music to new places and new people.

She was the only foreign artiste invited to perform at the moment of the Re-unification of Hong Kong to China at midnight on June 30-July 01, making her the last non-Chinese artiste to perform in Hong Kong under British rule as well as the first under Chinese rule.
She performed her own composition Happy Valley - the 197 Re-unification Overture, chosen as the official TV coverage theme with a cast of over 300 musicians, drummers and dancers.
* She made her US debut in Times Square, when she hopped spontaneouslyonto a passing yellow taxi, in the climax to an explosive performance seen all over the world. She returned recently to perform in Madison Avenue , following a succesful concert tour of more conventional concert venues in between.
* Ground-breaking performances in France include the first ever concert staged on the Trocadero in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop, and a guest appearance at the G7 Conference for 150,000 people where she stole the show, with the press naming her the 'highlight'.
* She recently became the first international artiste to visit the Township of Soweto in South Africa by invitation, playing with and meeting children from a local music school. Her firm belief in breaking barriers with the music has won her a loyal audience of all ages and races.
* In 1997 she gave the first ever concert on the famed frozen lake of the St.Moritz, delta-gliding down from 2400m to make a spectacular entrance.
* In April 1998 she performed an exclusive concert at Buckingham Palace of HM The Queen and 26 heads of state from Europe and Asia to mark the closing of asem2 - the Asia-European World Leaders Summit.

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