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What's New

  1. White Bird latest video from Vanessa-Mae.
  2. Many new Vanessa-Mae video is now available at: Merchandise Page. Devil Trill's, Reflection, Toccata & Fugue, Classical Gas, Red Hot, I'm a Doun, Storm, Happy Valley, I Feel Love, Live At The Royal Albert Hall and many more.
  3. In the USA Vanessa was on A&E "Breakfast with the Arts" Sunday 02 May 99
    From 8:30 to 10:30am. Vanessa's interview began 30 minutes into the program and lasted about 11 minutes.

    Vanessa is in the June 99 Issue of Teen People Magazine. See Article Here
    This monthly will be on newstands throughout May.

    And lastly, Vanessa is expected to appear on E! Entertainment Television
    (I hope to have a date & time soon).


  4. Vanessa, an avid downhill skiier has applied to Bangkok, Thailand to become a Thai citizen. Vanessa, a British citizen, is half Thai. Her natural father, Vorapong Vanakorn, is Thai, her mom Pamela Tan-Nicholson is Chinese (now a British citizen). The idea, apparently, is so that Vanessa can represent Thailand in ski events at the 2002 Winter Olympics. If she can prove her father, who now lives in Thailand is Thai. Officials say, Vanessa-Mae Nicholson will likely qualify for citizenship but that will also entail giving up her British passport.

  5. Preliminary Concert Dates for
    "Vanessa-Mae - The Original Four Seasons Tour"

    Tourdates in Germany are:
    03 May 1999 . . Köln, Musical Dom
    04 May 1999 . . Hamburg, Congress Centrum
    05 May 1999 . . Leibzig, Gewandhaus
    08 May 1999 . . Oberhausen, Arena
    09 May 1999 . . Würzburg, Congreß Centrum
    10 May 1999 . . Stuttgart, Liederstraße
    12 May 1999 . . Frankfurt, Alte Oper
    13 May 1999 . . Baden Baden, Festspielhaus
    14 May 1999 . . Mannheim, Rosengarten
    15 May 1999 . . München, Philharmonie
    17 May 1999 . . Berlin, Philharmonie
    18 May 1999 . . Dresden, Kulturpalast
    19 May 1999 . . Erfurt, Messhalle
    Tourdates in Switzerland are:
    21 May 1999 . . Zürich, Kongresshaus

  6. Vanessa-Mae was in the USA March 24 to 31 to promoting her new Classical CD - "The Original Four Seasons" on Angel Records, currently # 6 on Billboards Classical Album Chart!. Vanessa appeared on television and in print as follows:
    Note: all times are Eastern Standard Time.
    - CBS This Morning (Saturday Morning 10 April 99 - 8 to 10am)
    - E! Entertainment Television (I hope have a date & time soon).
    - "Donny and Marie Show" (Friday, 16 April 99) on UPN channel
    - A&E "Breakfast with the Arts" Sunday 02 May 99 at 8:30 to 10:30am. Vanessa's interview will be in the middle of the program... check your listings for the exact time in your area.
    .-.Teen People Magazine (June 99 Issue) this monthly will hit newstands May 3rd.
    .-.NBC Today (a local NYC TV Show, not the National Morning Show) already shown. Anyone see it?
    .-.Los Angeles Times - Newspaper - Article/CD Review. 21 February 99
    .-.New York Post Newspaper - Article/CD Review. 16 March 99
    - Italian TV Interview (done in NYC)
    - World TV Corporation (for China also done in NYC)

  7. Vanessa-Mae plays her violin in Kenya. Picture
    LOKICHOKIO,KENYA,19MAR99 - British violinist Vanessa Mae, goodwill ambassador for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), plays her electric violin March 18 for patients at a hospital for wounded southern Sudanese combatents and civilians. Mae visited the hospital to kickoff a campain by the ICRC to raise awareness of the 1949 Geneva Conventions which provide for the humane treatment of civiians in armed conflict.
    Photo by George Mulala REUTERS
  8. The New Indonesia Vanessa-Mae Mailing List is now available!
    Please join with us if you speak Indonesia/Melayu!
  9. Get your FREE e-mail address NOW!
  10. The North American Release of Vanessa's new classical CD titled; "The Original Four Seasons" was on Tuesday, March 9th on Angel Records. The tracks and cover art will be the same as the earlier Europe and Asia releases of this CD. I will have more details on other potential Vanessa-Mae releases in the USA (her first 3 Classical CD's) in the near future.
    There will be no singles associated with this release other than promotional singles of 'Devils Trill' for distribution to Dance Club DJ's and select radio stations.
  11. The video "Vanessa-Mae - Storm on Tour" may be shown in the USA on PBS (Public Television) stations during the months of Late April, May or June 1999. Due to an issue between EMI and PBS regarding the videos editing and context style it's planned March showing was shelved, efforts are underway to produce a PBS audience appropriate edit which may result in PBS airtime. Currently this video will not be commercially available for sale in the USA, and will likely not be availablity as a PBS donation incentive.
    Email or call your local PBS station and request that they show "Vanessa-Mae, Storm on Tour" which is currently being held by the PBS National Office.
    As for a performance tour in the USA,.. unfortunately none is planned (thus far) for 1999. Please check back as I will post details as they become known.
    The USA release of Disneys 'Mulan' on 02 February 1999 (NTSC format) does not feature Vanessa's rendition of 'Reflection' in the credits trailer at the movies end. Vanessa's rendition of 'Reflection' played during the end credits was only part of the movies European theatrical run and will likely be included in the European release (PAL format) of Mulan in 1999 or 2000. .....Glenn :)
  12. Our guestbook has been revised, now loads faster with new design.
  13. New section: Message Board. If you wish to give your opinion, question or anything, please participate with our new forum!
  14. Vanessa-Mae Skin For your MP3 Player!
    Play your MP3 & MIDI file with our new Vanessa-Mae Skin! Only 146 KB! Please notice that we won't offer you any MP3 file on this website!
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  15. Vanessa-Mae and the Colorado Symphony Orchestra performed at Dobson Ice Arena, in Vail, Colorado USA on Feb 7, 1999 at 7PM, as part of the 1999 World Alpine Ski Championships and sponsored by the Vail Valley Foundation. Vanessa, an avid skier, likely be enjoying herself on the slopes on the days surrounding her performance.
    Vanessa also played the National Anthem for the opening of the Ladies Downhill Championship Race.

    Anyone who was at the performance and or saw a newspaper article or TV segment please contact us with the details.
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    Edited by Glenn (VMH Co-Maintainer) and Denis (VMH Editor).
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    There are more than 1200 competitors monthly. After the jury chose 49 winners for a normal unique award, now they chose only 7 sites from the last 1000-1500 competitors to get the Best out of the Best award, the visitors will choose this time who is the best out of the 7 competitors.
    Our site is one of those 7 competitors, if you like to support our Vanessa-Mae website, please visit: and vote for us. Thank you!
  19. New section: Vanessa-Mae Chat .
  20. A new section has been added: "The Vanessa-Mae Fans From Around The World" which will list all of the Vanessa-Mae fans pictures from around the world! please add your photo here if you are a 'real' Vanessa-Mae fan!
  21. A "Storm On World Tour" programme for Vanessa-Mae will be broadcast on Pearl TVB (Hong Kong) on 28th Nov 98 (from Ng Chi Hon)
  22. The first DVD of Vanessa-Mae - Live at The Royal Albert Hall has been released in Hong Kong (with Red Hot & Happy Valley videoclip as bonus tracks. (from Ng Chi Hon)
  23. Latest MIDI files from the new album 'The Original Four Seasons' has been sequenced. MEDIA - MIDI Files Section
  24. Vanessa-Mae Midi Hall is selected by the 100 HOT Corporation at and this is our first time to ranked with the giant music websites, records and music stores duch as:
    Virgin Records - America, Sony Music, MTV Online, CDnow, Tower Records, Warner Bros. Music, Polygram records, Blockbuster Entertainment, Atlantic Records, Hanson Official Site, MCA Records, Music Boulevard, The Creative, Billboard Online, Yamaha Corporation, Kenwood, BMG Entertainment Home, Ibanez, Fender Guitars, Guitar World Online, Epic Center, The Recording Academy, The Official Aerosmith World Wide Web Site, The Rolling Stones, Dolby Laboratories Inc, Geffen/DGC, Panasonic, etc.
  25. A new Video CD of Toccata & Fugue and Classical Gas (Reggae Version), officially released by EMI Hong Kong. MEDIA - Discography Section
  26. New Vanessa-Mae pictures from the Siemen's video
  27. Vanessa-Mae will be on Vogue in Italy on this December
  28. On Tuesday 3rd November 98 Vanessa-Mae will be having a birthday party at a club in central London. A special area dedicated to Vanessa's birthday will be found linked from the Siemens SL10 site on on Tuesday 3rd November. Photos of the party will be uploaded onto the site at around 9.00 in the evening. Visitors are also invited to enter a competition to win a signed CD, photograph or SL10 phone. All you have to do is send Vanessa a birthday greeting text, graphics, sound or all combined! All entries will also be entered into a prize draw to win tickets to a Vanessa Mae concert - travel to the venue is not included!
  29. The soundtrack from the silent movie 'The Violin Fantasy' and 'Reflection', from the end credits of 'Disney's Mulan' are both available on Vanessa-Mae's new album: 'The Original Four Seasons', a special edition from Siemens and The 'Devil's Trill' Sonata.
    Released on 9th November on CD & cassette.
    Vanessa's single will be out on the 23rd November in the UK.
  30. Send your greetings and messages for Vanessa-Mae's 20th birthday at: FANPAGES.
  31. One of our staff 'Denis Millar' (Editor) also celebrating his birthday on Oct 21st 98. Happy Birthday Denis!
  32. New pictures of her visiting to Thailand has been added: MEDIA - Picture Gallery.
  33. More pictures from her Toccata & Fugue videoclip has been added: MEDIA - Toccata & Fugue Videoclip.
  34. A new album of Vanessa-Mae called "The Original Four Seasons" , it's due for release 9th November, and now the cover is available at: MEDIA - Discography section.
  35. About Vanessa-Mae modelling in Paris!
  36. Tommy's review on the premiere of "The Violin Fantasy" It took place on 16th October in London.
  37. A video will be released from the "Storm On" Tour.
  38. On Nov 7th, 1998 Vanessa-Mae will appear live on the opening celebration to the Disney film Mulan in Köln.
    In autumn Vanessa-Mae will show new collections by Jean-Paul Gaultier on fashion shows in Paris.
  39. Disney have now put up a VM site on their UK Page at:
  40. On 26-Oct-98 a new Maxi-CD by Vanessa-Mae: "The Devil's Trill" will be released:
    • Track 1. The Devil's Trill
    • Track 2. Reflection
    • Track 3. Winter

    Cover is available at: MEDIA - Discography Section
  41. Vanessa-Mae played with the Chinese Circus in Leicester Square on Thursday 8th October for the premiere of the new Disney film "Mulan".
  42. Vanessa-Mae is currently participating in an advertising campaign for a mobile phone from Siemens. There were ads in the Telegraph Magazine and the Daily Mail this Sunday in the UK. The TV spot is running on various German TV stations and probably in other countries, too. The whole thing is part of Siemens' "Be Inspired" campaign. More infos on that and some pictures of Vanessa-Mae are available at
    They're also link to us ( at:

  43. A new Vanessa-Mae movie created with Shockwave Flash!
  44. The Italian Album (Vanessa-Mae 3rd Classical Album) will be out in the UK on October 26th, 1998
  45. Vanessa-Mae will play at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City on the 25th of September. You can verify this at the mexican ticketmaster
  46. Over 20 new Vanessa-Mae articles here!
  47. The filming of 'The Violin Fantasy', first in the series of 4 films by Vanessa-Mae in the almost forgotten silent movie genre!
  48. Send your greetings & messages to Vanessa-Mae for her birthday at the 27th of October.
  49. Vanessa-Mae will be in a film and you have the chance to be in it too. More details.
  50. Vanessa's third classical album, "The Italian Album" will be released on 26th of October in the UK/ Europe.
  51. UK promo box: Bridging The Gap with the Storm and the China Girl album and some info cards in a golden picture box.
  52. Vanessa-Mae Pictures from Thailand Magazine
  53. The latest Vanessa-Mae MIDI file: Cotton Eye Joe
  54. The Storm Album was released in North America on July 14th. The tracks will be the same as on the European version, but it will have a different cover. (from Glenn Cooke, USA).
  55. New Recording on George Martin: In My Life, Vanessa-Mae performed "Because".


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