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"Bach is back!"


The Recording Star
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The youngest person in the world to record the two masterpieces Beethoven and Tchaikovsky concertos, she joined EMI in 1994 and with her two releases for the label, become their best-selling new artiste world-wide.
With the phenomenally succesful The Classical Album 1 she became the fastest-selling classical artiste ever, and was awrded the 1997 World Music 'Award for Best-Selling Classical Artist'. The Classical Album 2 - China Girl, continued this trend, entering the charts at No.1 immediately upon its release.
Her debut pop album The Violin Player which broke new ground with its then new concept of techno-acoustic fusion violin music, is the most succesful debut instrumental pop album ever, charting in over 25 countries.
Since then she has gone on to sell over four millions albums world wide, continuing her unique dual carrer. This tour is created around Storm, her recently released second pop album.
Vanessa-Mae's future recording plans include her long awaited version of Vivaldi's "Four Season" coupled with Tartini's "The Devil's Trill" as well as the re-release over the next two years of her first three stunning classical albums all recorded by the age of 13.

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