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International Mailing List


The Vanessa-Mae Intenational Mailing List


VM-L - the Vanessa-Mae Mailing List was created by Frank Langbein (Germany) in February '96. Mainly intended for interchanging information about tour dates, album releases, ...etc, it also turned into a discussion forum about Vanessa-Mae and her music. Now VM-L turned into a sort of internet based fan club with members from all over the world. Now it's run by VMH ( on a non-profit basis. Currently there are two mailing lists: VM-L and VM-Announce. You can join one or more of these lists without any fees.
VM-L is the classic version of the Vanessa-Mae Mailing List. It's intended as a general discussion forum about Vanessa-Mae, her music and related as well as interchanging information about her. It will keep you informed about Vanessa-Mae and you can meet other Vanessa-Mae fans on the net and make new friends. Once you joined the list, you'll receive any mail sent to after a very short delay needed for resending the incoming mails. This is the closest contact to all the other members. You are also allowed to send mails to this list once you subscribed to it. But you should also be aware that the number of mails on VM-L can be rather high and it might be too much for your mailbox.

Before you submit this application, please read the agreement below.
To subscribe, send e-mail to:
To unsubscribe, send e-mail to:



By using the VM-L FREE Mailing List service, you indicate that you have read this agreement and will respect its terms and conditions.
You agree to these 18 rules:

  1. Only post mails in plain text format and not in any other format like HTML or similar. Also you should not post any binary files as mime attachments or uuencoded. If you want to publish a binary file, contact It might be appropriate for the WWW or for the vm-l archive.
  2. Don't post mails larger than 30KB directly to VM-L. If you want to post some text file larger than 30KB for discussion, send the whole file to and tell why you want to post it. We'll check it and either forward it to the list or tell you why it was not appropriate. It might also be better to publish a large file on the WWW.
  3. Before you post anything to the list, think about if all or at least most of the members on the list are interested in it or if it is only intended for a few members. You can still contact a few members by private e-mail.
  4. General topics which are appropriate for this mail: general information, tour dates, album releases, WWW sites, IRC, etc.; serious discussions about Vanessa-Mae and her music; your thoughts, feelings about Vanessa-Mae and her music.
  5. Mails about non Vanessa-Mae topics should not appear on VM-L. There are other places on the net where you can discuss those topics. Is Vanessa-Mae so uninteresting, that we have to switch to other topics? However there might be some related topics like general administration information, computer and net topics, etc. which members of VM-L need to know to access some service related to Vanessa-Mae. Only in this case you should send a rather short mail to the list. If there is some place where people can get all the information, it's enough to tell them the location. Individual problems, questions, etc. should be discussed in private mail.
  6. If someone posted an interesting mail to the list and you think it's great, but can't add any substantial information, you should not reply to it by `It's great', `I like that, too', 'Right on!' and 'Me too!' or similar. Avoid posting one liners...keeping list traffic down is good. That's also true for mails you don't like. If you feel the urge to express this, use private e-mail.
  7. If you post something asking how many people are interested in something ask to vote for it and make it *very clear* that people should reply to you in private mail. You can post a summary of these replies to the list. Suggestions or more information about the topic can of course be send to the list. This of course also applies to someone answering a mail with some questions. It might just be more appropriate to answer those questions in private mail if it's not of interest to the members of vm-l.
  8. If you are able to get some CD, merchandise, etc. and want to offer it to members of the list, you are very welcome. Also any service you can / want to offer the members is greatly appreciated. Just discuss the details about payment, shipping, amounts in private mail.
  9. Please don't send any commercial mails directly to the list. There should be no unapproved advertisement, offers to order CDs, merchandise, etc. or anything like this. We're not generally against such mails, but we want to see them and approve them before they are sent to the list. Of course any commercial mail should be related to Vanessa-Mae. We won't approve anything else. If you send unapproved commercial mails to VM-L, you can be sure to get in trouble. Of course you can tell people on the list about some commercial site, some commercial provider or where they can get Vanessa-Mae items, but you should not send any unapproved advertisements, price lists and similar. Send commercial mails for approval to
  10. If you post information to the list, make it clear if it is only an assumption / gossip / rumors or real information. If it's gossip or rumor, it might be totally inappropriate for the list. Don't create even more confusion as there already is, but try to clear up things.
  11. No large flame threads. If you feel offended by something posted to the list you might send one mail to make this clear.
  12. Member will not use VM-L service for spamming. If we receive any report from the members, we will remove your e-mail address immediately from the list.
  13. Do not follow-up an off-topic/how to unsubscribe/flame message...the list owner & staff will deal with that individual.
  14. If no posts are made the list, don't feel you must make one to keep the list "alive." No list traffic is ok...don't send a worthless message just to get discussions going. Go elsewhere-this list is for Vanessa-Mae topics.
  15. VM-L does not spam. We never use gathered e-mail addresses for unsolicited e-mail of any kind, nor do we make lists available to anyone at any price.
  16. If your e-mail server was down for a long time and it bounced to the entire list, we can remove your e-mail address from the list at any time.
  17. We reserve the right to remove, cancel, or suspend any members for any reason without notice.
  18. You agree not to hold us responsible for data loss, the damage of your e-mail system, or interruption of service of any kind.



There is an archive for VM-L at:
Especially the VM-L archive contains additional files which might be interesting for the members. Most of the files are for your private usage only! Don't use them for any commercial purpose!
Copyright Notice: You are allowed to republish the files VM-L in the VM-L list archive or parts of them if you clearly mention the source and the names of the senders and the access of the republished version is free of any charge (thus you are not allowed to get money for the republication of any contents of the VM-L list archives). For any other usage you have to contact each of the individual senders and ask for permission. The copyright of the mails in the VM-L list archive belongs to the original senders. You are not allowed to republish any of the other files in the list archives.


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