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Happy Valley - Single

The Single CD of Happy Valley: 1997
Re-Unification Overture


Track listing:

  1. The Single Version (3:45)
  2. The Parade Version (2:38)

Total 78:00 Taiwan Release ( Cat no. 7243 8 84419 2 6 )

A Review by Vpa

This single was released only in Asia, which probably accounts for its use of Chinese as well as English in the liner notes. I heard from Alex that it was released briefly in the UK with no marketing but then withdrawn almost immediately. It is packed in a red-and-gold sleeve without photos, with an inside photo similar to the CHINA GIRL cover but in red light not black and white.
The first track is a shortened version of the piece that is on both CHINA GIRL and STORM, which is already too short even in its full-length 6:33 version. The second one is the same, but even shorter and with the chorus omitted for some sections. The opening theme is cut to only 20 seconds on the Single version and only 15 seconds on the Parade version. The interlude with the harp is shortened in the Single version and left out of the parade version entirely. Neither version has anything new, just parts being left out.
Therefore, this CD really has only 3:45 of music on it. The music is very good, perhaps the best and most important work that Vanessa-Mae has ever done (see my notes for CHINA GIRL). However, the format of this CD is disappointing and may leave buyers feeling cheated. Vanessa-Mae fans in Europe and America who can't get this Single CD will be glad to know that they are not missing anything. If you already have the full CHINA GIRL album (and you should!) or STORM there is no reason to buy the Single CD of "Happy Valley", except to collect it.


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