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Now available!!! Linda Lampenius first Finnish album: "Linda Lampenius"!


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"The Linda Lampenius CD is no longer available through us :("
"You may want to write to, call or fax her former record company in Finland and ask about directly receiving a copy from them. I don't know if they will be able to help, anyway here's their details:
Audiovox Records Oy
Höyläämötie 8 00380
Helsinki, FINLAND
phone: (09) 348-8611
fax: (09) 348-86201

'Audiovox Records' Catalog Number is: AXRCD1114
Title: Linda Lampenius
Artist: Linda Lampenius
Instrument: Violin
Genre (music style): Pop / Dance
Linda, who has changed her name to Linda Brava now lives in Los Angeles, California and has signed a recording deal with EMI Records. I'm told she will be recording both 'Classical' and 'Pop' CD's and will soon release a CD. I'm not sure if the new CD will be Classical or Pop. I was told a few months ago that her first release would be a Classical CD, but months before that I was told that her release would be a double CD featuring a Classical CD and a Pop CD. As for re-releasing her Finnish CD or including many of those tracks on a future 'pop' CD,... I was told no,... Any pop CD will be all new material. My personal feeling is that her debut CD is so strong that future recordings from Linda will include many of these tracks.
Any new news that is heard will be posted here.
ALSO!! If anyone hears any release details or other news on Linda Brava, please e-mail me the details at and I will explore it and post the news on this site.
Thank you for your interest and support.
Glenn :)










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