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China Daily


"Red Hot" is coming -- British-Chinese violinist Vanessa Mae's "Red Hot" storm will blow to Beijing after touring 34 other countries in the world.
Vanessa Mae is to play her white Zeta electric violin at the Capital Stadium of Beijing on April 15.
The 19-year-old has pleasantly surprised the musical world with a complete new and earth-shaking interpretation of the ancient art of violin playing.
She began studying violin at the age of 5. After 12 years of playing classical music, which resulted in three recordings of the works by Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Paganini and a world tour with the Mozart Orchestra of London in 1995, Mae decided to play something new.
In February 1995, Mae published a new album, entitled "The Violin Player," in which she used two violins: a traditional violin and an electric violin.
The album features an innovative Bach "Toccata in D Minor and Fugue" and "Red Hot," a violin rock and roll piece which later became popular in many countries and regions. The tracks create a new style which combines classical, pops, rock and jazz.
This cocktail style album was the best-selling CD of EMI records of that year. And in 1996, her classical album "China Girl" also made a record by selling 500,000 copies in two weeks.
On June 30, 1997, Mae played "Happy Valley-the 1997 Re-unification Overture" in Hong Kong to commemorate China's re-exercise of sovereignty.
People have described Mae as a "violinist of the Coca-Cola generation." Actually, Mae's music is another choice for busy modern people who enjoy sampling cultural snacks.
Time: 7 pm, April 15
Place: Capital Stadium, Haidian District
Tel: 6405-5512, 6406-3324
Art songs -- The Chorus of the China National Symphony Orchestra will present a concert of Chinese and foreign art songs, including "The Dusk," "Serenade," "Song of Love," "The Lime-Tree (Franz Schubert)" and others.
Zuo Wenlong will conduct.
Time: 7:30 pm, March 13
Place: Beijing Concert Hall, 1 Beixinhuajie, Xicheng District


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