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Vanessa on Canadian TV
D'Arcy Butler is the interviewer.
A 10-second portion of the T&F video comes on and D'Arcy comments: "Ah ya yay ya about creative! This is the new generation of classical stars, sexing it up one step further." (He says this not in front of Vanessa, of course.)
(Vanessa is wearing a silky yellow tube top with spaghetti straps. The interview may have taken place in her hotel room.)
DB: Classical musicians are not exactly known for being sexy. How do you feel about bucking that trend.
VM: I particularly don't feel that I'm very sexy. I don't go looking in the mirror and say Vanessa, you're looking good today, you're looking sexy. But I think other people think or say that perhaps and that's just a big compliment. If you're no disappointment, that's cool physically but I don't think it actually sells the music or helps to sell the music.
DB: Are you saying that you don't think that playing the violin in the ocean or playing on the mountain in some hot pants can help get your name out there and help with recognition?
VM: I think it's an image people have of me when I was 15 but I think it has always surprised me especially now, 4 years later, to think how could a 15-year old really epitomize sex in a, sort of, violin.
(Interview diverts to an EMI Canada personnel at a different scene.)
DB: I think that a whole image of her is really what gets her out there. Is that part of your mentality when you market her?
EMI: Oh, I think so. I think so. I think it would be silly to ignore the fact that we get a lot of either young girls wanting to be like her, look like her or young boys...whatever...(puts up a smile). I think that's certainly part of what got people interested in her in the first place.
(Interview goes back to Vanessa.)
VM: Good music, if it's well played, no matter how it's presented, if it's good or well played, it will touch people heartily from whatever background.
Then the interview goes out with 4 seconds of the 'Red Hot' video and when Vanessa says 'Red Hot' at the end, co-host Carla Collins says "No Kiddin'!".


Thanks to Annie Gomez for this article!


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