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ABC TV in New York: televised on Dec. 11, 1997 (previously recorded)
Transcribed by: Annie Gomez
Setting: White linens hanging from the ceilings, covering every inch of the walls and the floor.
(Debbie Matenopoulos, one of 4 hosts of the show, is introducing Vanessa-Mae, who is standing behind her dressed in a red Chinese-style short dress like she is wearing on the free poster of the ‘I Feel Love’ single and a knee-length black boots.)
DM: At only 19 years old, violinist Vanessa-Mae is taking the music world by storm. Her first album, appropriately named ‘The Violin Player’, sold over 3 million copies and she’s been winning praise and honours ever since. Her latest album ‘China Girl’ combines traditional Chinese music with her strong Chinese roots. Now, here to perform ‘I’m A-Doun For Lack O’Johnnie’, from her first classical album, is Miss Vanessa-Mae!
(Audience applaudes)
(Vanessa performing to a record of ‘I’m A-Doun For Lack O’Johnnie’ and is joined by her mother on keyboard, a bass player, a drummer and two female dancers dressed in African-styled outfits. Directly behind and above Vanessa is a tv showing silhouette flashes of her, her band and the two African-attired women.)
(The song is finished and the audience applaudes.)
DM: That was amazing! Wow!
(Debbie and Vanessa greet each other with a kiss on the cheeks.)
VM: Thank you!
DM: You’re so angelic! Your voice is gorgeous! Let’s step right over here. Wow!
(They both go to where the two bar stools are.)
VM: Can I sit over here?
DM:Go right ahead! I’m no violin player but I can play a hell of a song on spoons and I’ll teach you later if you want.
(Both are now sitting on the stools, Vanessa is on Debbie’s left.)
VM: I’d like for you to have a go!
DM: (laughing) Now, ‘I’m A-Doun For Lack O’Johnnie’! What does that mean?>
VM:’s an old Scottish folk poem. And’s called ‘I’m A-Doun For Lack O’Johnnie’. My interpretation is that it’s an old Scottish folk song about a girl who’s singing about her lost love. You know, Scotland was a voyaging nation and it’s just a very romantic folk song.
DM: It’s beautiful! Now, in most cases or in some cases, people don’t wanna take young people seriously.
VM: No?
DM: But in your case, I kind of feel like it’s the opposite. I mean you’re a child prodigy.
VM: Yes, I was. I guess when I was 11, when I was 12 but now I’m 19, I don’t think ’m a child prodigy anymore.
DM: Well, not anymore. You’re definitely not a child. Now, when did you start playing the violin?
VM: When I was 5 years old. Yeah...a very long time ago at school. It was just a hobby at that time. When I was 8, that was when I decided to take it very seriously.
DM: Do you ever feel like you missed out on just being a kid?
VM: No.
DM: You know...on just hanging out?
VM: No. I think I had my teenage years like everybody. I did, perhaps, slightly different things but I had great memories from the last few years of my life. Definitely.
DM:’ve definitely done very well for yourself! Now, let me get this straight (Debbie pulls out a piece of paper and starts to read. Vanessa peaks over.)... Okay. You’re already the fastest selling classical solo artist.
VM: I think so...yeah.
DM: (continues to read) You’re the first classical artist to appear on the Billboard Dance Music Chart. And just last year, you’re already named, at 18, one of People’s 50 Most Beautiful People.
VM: That was really sweet.
DM: Now, truly, at this point in the interview, I would ask you ‘what’s next?’ but is there anything left, Vanessa? You’ve done everything!
VM: Well...I enjoy being a ‘pop’ violinist as well as a classical violinist. Whatever I play, whatever I like. You know? I choose to do all my violin. But at the moment, it’s a classical album. Next year, I’m coming back in February for a different kind of an album. So...I love variety in my life. That’s the main thing. Anything.
DM: Ya! You definitely have a lot of it! Now, just one more question before we go.
VM: Sure!
DM: Out of curiosity, what’s your favourite band? Modern day.
VM: Modern day? I think that ummm...I just did a song with the Scorpions a few months ago.
DM: Scorpions?
VM: Yes, Scorpions. But then people like...old bands like Santana, then people like Jamiroquai, Smash Mouth, Michael Jackson. Always different people. Variety.
DM: time you’re in town if they’re around, we’re going to see a show together.
VM: Absolutely! Yes! Good idea!
DM: (holding up the CD) See this ‘China Girl’? You guys go out and buy it! Stick around! We’ll be right back! (looking at Vanessa) Thank you so much!
VM: Thank you!
(Audience applaudes)


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